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How to add a new page with a contact form?

Adding a new page with a contact form

You can add a new page and a contact form like in this video:

  1. Click from left “Pages”.
  2. Click + in the settings to add a new page.
  3. Give a name to your new page and accept it.
  4. Go to your new page.
  5. Click the blue plus button on the page where you will add the new contact form.
  6. From sections look for the contact form for example by typing “contact”
  7. Click “Contact form”
  8. Choose your design by clicking it and add it by click “Add section” or the contact form on the right.

Remember to check your email address in contact form

  1. Navigate to page where you have your contact form
  2. Click the background of your contact form to see the settings on the left side
  3. Go to “Configuration”
  4. Change your email address
  5. Click “Done”.
Updated on 21/02/2021

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