You can access the header section settings either by clicking on the section or via the Sections tab  where you can find a link to the Navigation settings.


Via setting Number of links on a desktop size you can set the amount of links which are shown on a desktop size before the simplified mobile menu. With Overlay first section enabled, the navigation is positioned on top of the first section. So for example when the navigation with transparent background is used, the first section appears in the background. Enable Fixed to the top if you want to keep the menu at the top of the page, even if the user scrolls down the page. You can also make the header row fullwidth.


From the navigation style settings you can edit following details:

You can set your navigation’s text colour here. If you want to change the used font family or the size of the links, you can do that via theme settings which you can find from the Settings tab on the left.

Dividers can be added between link elements to help separate them more from each other.

By default active link is highlighted by theme’s primary colour and stronger font weight, but you can change that if you wish.

You can set the background colour for the menu at the top of your site. From the same place, you can also set the background colour for a submenu if there is one. Submenu’s background colour is also used in simplified mobile menu.

With Shadow options you can add a drop shadow at the bottom of the navigation which clearly separates from the next section.

You can add your own logo to the navigation row. If logo is disabled, Site title will be shown with the font chosen.

Header elements

Via the main and secondary menu options you can choose which of the menus are displayed at the top of the site. The main menu will normally display the links to the main pages of the site, or section links of the frontpage sections on one-pagers. The secondary menu can be used to display external links in a compact form. For example, you can easily add social media channels as icon links.

Turning on the Info row option will display a narrow banner element at the top of the site, which can be used to show a short notice to site visitors. This is useful fe. if there is more delay in responding to messages on holiday seasons.

You can edit the selected menu via the links below the main and secondary menu dropdowns. Those dropdowns include also an option to create a new menu.

You can also find the navigation management from the Settings tab on the left sidebar.

An example of a page with the header overlaid on the first section with the setting found from Layout. The page also has a secondary navigation for social media links.
Updated on 30/06/2020

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